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Laser Toner Cartridge Cleaning Machine
The Laser Toner Cartridge Cleaning Machine is a tool that is essential today in all the workshops involved in the process of toner cartridge refilling / remanufacturing industry.
What is this Laser Toner cartridge-cleaning machine?
This is one of its kind being developed here in India, it is completely mobile, open top downdraft workstation, saves 30% in production time when used in combination with compressed air cleaning, as it works with gravity approximately 90% of the waste toner will fall into the bin and the remaining 10% suspended in the air are immediately absorbed by the powerful filters.

Another advantage of this life saving and time saving device is that it does not need external ducting as the toner filtering and dump receptacles are built into the unit itself. The cartridge-cleaning machine provides an efficient and healthy work atmosphere.
  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Low electrical Comsumption
  • No duct work required
  • No installation required
  • Virtually maintenance free

Stop inhailing poisonious toner dust

Make your workplace neat & clean

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Environmental threats
are a growing global
concern.Please join us
in making our Earth a
cleaner place to live!
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